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FLV & H.264 Players

Above is an example of an H.264 video which was compressed from a large MP4 into a 20 meg video using the FLV Hosting H.264 Encoder
This Player works on RTMP Media Streaming Server or Flash Media Server RTMP streaming. In other words it needs RTMP protocol. This version can also be iframed or embedded into any web page. Download this free player here

Free Ads Player with advertising support XML driven with simple config file.
This player is designed to display an advert while an flv video is playing. You can set the path to the ad image, link, cuepoint and duration of the ad in the XML file.
Click here for example config file

Click here to download the Free FLV Ads Player

Install H264 Desktop Player
Free V3 FLV player with H.264 Hi Def Supported --  Flash FLV players for Video Playback This FLV Player was designed to playback FLV files directly from your browser or, from your PC
Just install and it will automatically associate with FLV video format.
Download the Free PC FLV Player here

Free XML Playlist Players - Red - Green - Blue - Grey
We have produced several new players for streaming from RTMP Media Server Server or Flash Media Server. These players contain a playlist and thumbnail reference for each flv file, displayed to the right of the video. Each description, file name and image, all of which you can be edit from a simple XML file
Download the FREE XML Players here

Youtube Style FLV Player
Over two dozen XML configuration options exist to adjust various aspects of the video applet, like color, video path, autostart, and other common options.
Full screen view permits the viewer a full screen/cinema-style display of the video, with a close button in the lower-right corner to return to normal view
More Information on the FLV Player Here

Our Turnkey PHP MYSQL Database driven video delivery system allows for simple video integration and updating. Install on your FLV Hosting account and wrap the Iframe code around your website page. Plays a default clip first before others, great for an advertisement or promotion, or instructions
Simple admin area allows you to add descriptions and edit the clips after upload. This application will save you hours of integration time and effort
More Information on the PHP Video Engine