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Flash Live Streaming

FLV Hosting has a Turn Key System to live stream from Laptop, or Desktop using your browser and camera connected to your computer

Live Streaming used to be costly, need expensive hardware, software, and server configurations to name a few. Nowadays Live Streaming is simple and easy with FLV Flash Media Server.

Below are a Live Stream Publish Demo, below that, the end user Live Stream Viewer Demo, (See also Bandwidth Calculator). Once you have viewed the demo, choose the level of server pricing you need based on the calculations of streaming levels.

The screenshot below is an example of the PUBLISHER window.
This is the window that is used on the computer where the camera is attached

Click here for viewer demo

The RTMP settings need to be entered as shown on the PUBLISHER and SUBSCRIBER pages
For a phone conference demo of the Live Stream, go to Demo Request Form
Otherwise, click the image to go to the PUBLISHER and SUBSCRIBER pages to test on your PC