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Data Center

Redundant, high-capacity storage subsystems, ideal for applications that outgrow internal server disk capacity.
RAID5 arrays with hot-swap hard drives, redundant cooling and power systems and capacities up to 5.6 TB per array. Multiple arrays can be grouped together for effective total storage exceeding 84 TB.
Direct-attached SCSI interface provides high-speed disk I/O.
Stateful inspection firewall, can be placed in-line with a single server or in front of multiple servers.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) with up to 256-bit AES data encryption. Hardware* and software VPN clients available.
Intrusion detection and prevention of hostile traffic such as Denial of Service (DoS).
* Requires device on client-side network.



Supports a combination of up to 24 web and database servers in a farm.
Servers can be added or removed as needed without service interruption.
Eliminates single point of failure.
Failed servers removed automatically. The remaining servers handle client requests.

Load Balancing


Persistent session control maintains client session on the same web server for the duration of the session.
Distributes requests to servers based on real-time availability and load.
Automatic load re-distribution when servers are added or removed.
.Net Framework Remoting load balancing.
Single Internet Information Server (IIS) management point for all servers.
Single content repository and content propagation.
Virtual Web Servers across single or multiple IP addresses.
May be combined with MS SQL database failover cluster for total front/back end solution.

Distribute load across a group of front-end independent web servers managed centrally
Your choice of servers in North America or in Europe. Our redundant servers provide high quality internet connection via NTT/Verio's advanced tier-1 network.

FLV Hosting is physically attached to the NTT/Verio global Tier-1 network, a high-capacity network with private peering arrangements with all major Internet backbone providers as well as links to MAE East, MAE West, NY NAP and the Digital Internet Exchange. Redundant 10mbps standard with capabilities to 100mbps with geographically dispersed OC-12 connections ensure continuous availability. The network utilizes Cisco® routers and switches. Every FLV Hosting server is directly connected to its own switched port. All routers and switches are redundant. FLV Hosting is one of very few companies offering unlimited Committed Information Rate (CIR) at extremely low prices

FLV Hosting utilizes a state of the art data center featuring security (biometric hand scan for entry, on-site guard, 24x7 video surveillance), fire detection and suppression (FM 200 gas suppression), raised floors and temperature/humidity controls. Every FLV Hosting server is connected to central Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) which in turn are backed up by diesel generators, making the data center self-sufficient for up to 3 weeks, if needed.

The data center is housed in a category 5 rated building with concrete walls, roof and foundation, able to withstand category 5 hurricane wind forces. The data center does not share any exterior walls.

Our data center is strategically located in the heart of Broward County. The 66,000 square-foot facility equipped with fully armed security and office facilities, incorporates a 22,000 square-foot, 18" raised floor data center with full 9 foot ceiling height.

Conveniently located between I-95 and Florida's Turnpike, just off Commercial Blvd. makes our center accessible from the Tri-county region.

In addition to the Data Center, we offer Disaster Recovery suites and seats called "SuiteAssure" and "Seat Assure". The central location, space flexibility and amazing connectivity has made it an ideal home for many Enterprise level and Fortune 500 corporations.

The 1Vault Networks Data Center is built to the highest standards to ensure the integrity of your business and is manned by highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and most reliable services available today.

Data Center Specifications:

Fully redundant infrastructure
Force10 E600 core devices
Cisco GSR 12000 edge devices
Diverse fiber entry points

Tier-1 Bandwidth Providers

Data Center Specifications:

Constructed to withstand beyond category 5 hurricane force winds
62,000sf total, 22,000sf raised floor
Rack based colocation in full 45U cabinets
Rack based colocation in half cabinets
Cage based colocation in 8ft x 8ft, 8ft x 16ft, or custom sizes
N+1 FPL Utility power feeds
N+1 UPS redundancy (1.5 Megawatts)
N+1 Generators (3.75 Megawatts)
N+1 Redundant chillers for A/C

Data Center Specifications:

Power Generator
N+1 Generators (3.75 Megawatts)
2 underground fuel tanks
Supports data center at maximum load for 14 days without refueling
24/7/365 emergency service and maintenance by certified contractors

Data Center Specifications:

Fire Protection
Highly sensitive VESDA smoke detection alarm system
24/7/365 Temperature monitoring
FM200 Chemical fire suppression system